Four Days to Go!

I’ve been wondering how this day would “feel” for a while now, its the Monday before the departure on Friday…a day to focus on last-minute details at work, pick up a few things like carabiner clips and insect repellent, review how everything is packed (that’s going to be a work in progress!), weigh the luggage, send the last installment to Llama Path for the trek, etc, etc etc…

It feels like I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.  That’s an odd thing at this age!  Almost like going on my first date!  In a way it is…my “date with adventure” in a strange new land.  Details are swirling through my head.  I can’t believe we are actually going to do this!

Renzo Serrano at Llama Path in Cusco has been very helpful, and I look forward to meeting him in person. They give us a “night before” briefing at their offices.   However, with three days in Cusco acclimating to the 11,000-foot + altitude, we’ll have time to take one of the Cusco Tours that Llama Path offers, and so I’m sure we’ll connect.

Below is a graphic of the Inca Trail Trek, and some interesting information about how they do the outfitting at Llama Path. I discovered this company through two friends (Audrey and Dan with of a friend (Lori Gibson Banducci) from high school…then, everywhere I went on the web researching the trip, I found rave reviews of Llama Path’s quality and service. More on that later, as we get closer to the trek.

Too bad I won’t be able to post daily updates once it begins! Not much Internet service going over “Dead Woman’s Pass” at 14,000 feet, or stumbling into camps with names like Phuyupatamarca (near the top of the third pass, on the third night, at 12,073 feet)!

Graphic Depiction of the Inca Trail

~ by Dave Etzold on January 11, 2010.

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  1. Thats original!

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