Lima revealed!

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Today, Davison and I started with a quick breakfast up on the 11th floor of the hotel overlooking the Miraflores neighborhood of Southeast Lima.  The hotel serves a beautiful breakfast buffet from an incredible vantage point above the South Pacific Coast!

Breakfast at the Miraflores Park Hotel

Pool overlooking the coast of Peru

The west coast of Lima, with the South Pacific Ocean ...from the pool and restaurant of the Miraflores Park Hotel

After breakfast, we took a limo to the Plaza de Armas (Plaza Major) where we watched a celebration of the “Changingof the Guards” along with a public celebration of a Fesitval coming in February.  The Lima Cathedral, with Fernando Pizzaro’s tomb, is a “must see” and then the San Franciso Monastery with it’s  famous Catacombs in the original town center by the river…only a few blocks away, has to be visited, as well.

Native dancers in procession during Changing of the Guards...

Lima Cathedral....

Detail of Lima Cathedral doors...

What knockers!

Lima Cathedral interior...

After touring the Cathedral, we then explored the San Francisco Monastery (Franciscan Order) a few blocks away from the Plaza de Armas.  There, we were not allowed to take photographs inside the church, monastery or catacombs…but, what a tour, and what an incredibly interesting historical monument!  I can’t recommend this enough!

San Francisco Monastery and Catacombs

Giant 17th Century painting by Diego de la Puente in the Refectory inside the San Francisco Monastery, set to "New World" themes...cuy being served and chiles on the table!

Ancient library and huge, hand lettered tomes in the Library of the San Francisco Monastery.

(Note: The above images from inside the Monasterio San Francisco are scanned from postcards purchased at their shop as we left the tour.)

Then, we took a taxi out to the Larco Museum… this was a huge highlight of the day!  The museum not only contains both a formal museum of private collections of Inca, and pre-Incan artifacts that are astounding in their beauty and significance, but it also contains a fine restaurant and bar surrounded by a gorgeous quiet garden…a tranquil retreat from the frenetic pace of Lima’s traffic!  Do this place, no matter if you miss anything else in Lima!

Dave at the Larco Museum garden bar...

Two of Peru's favorite beers, and now ours...a cool respite!

Then, after relaxing in thise beautiful gardens and having a refreshing beverage to settle ourselves, the self-guided tour of the Larco Museum was stunning!  I can’t describe how impressive the collection of artifacts was!  Here are only a few of the many photos of the items presented:

Tomorrow, Chris Multhauf will have arrived, and we will all catch a flight to Cusco…up in the highlands…then, we’ll truly be off on the adventure!  For my part, this was a great day with Jim, exploring a new world…one of the classic “Cradles of Civilization”! Viva Lima!

~ by Dave Etzold on January 17, 2010.

11 Responses to “Lima revealed!”

  1. LOVE the colorful photos! You guys look great and by the way, nice hotel! I can see you are roughing it there in Lima. I can’t think of one museum I’ve been to that has a “garden bar”? Nice…

  2. Cool blog. Sitting here having dinner and reading it. It is like the 3 old guys from El Paso are here with us. Great adventures to read about. Hope you all have a fun time. The beer photo was a particularly nice shot. I am sure Mr. Multauf is enjoying one right now!

  3. Bienvenidos a Peru y Suerte en Su Visita a Cuzco.

  4. Dave, truly a great set of photographs. Thoroughly enjoyed your journal and all the details.

  5. Thank you for sharing this blog of your adventure. I work with Chris Multhauf. Great adventure. Chris, keep the beard!

  6. This is my first stop by and I love what I am viewing. Your blog site is indeed great to look over, extremely engaging as well as useful. I will undoubtedly recommend it to my buddies. Nevertheless, I did have a bit of trouble with the commenting. It kept giving me an problem whenever I clicked on publish comment. I hope, that can be resolved. Thanks!

    • Very kind. I guess that old English Major of mine finally came in handy! Check out the other 17 posts, they tell an interesting story of the genesis of this team and our love of adventure. If you are even thinking about this adventure, don’t hesitate…it’s a life-changing, “bucket list” kind of experience!

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