About-Dave Etzold

Hometown:       El Paso, Texas

Profession:        Commercial Real Estate Broker, Developer & Consultant

Quirks:                Likes Mexican Food, Sushi, Pinot Noir and good Scotch

Passion for:       Music (jazz, rock, classical), Travel and Philosophy

Email:                  detzold@elp.rr.com

8 Responses to “About-Dave Etzold”

  1. Bon Voyage.. Safe Journey. I hope your deepest dreams will be realized!

  2. I am praying for you every step of the way. You have become my mentor to follow my dreams!

  3. David,
    I am so enjoying all the news. Your adventure began with just that, an exciting adventure just leaving the United States. I know you all are in awe of what you experienced on the trek along the trail. My prayers are with you each day. I love you sweet David. Cita

  4. Wow! Thanks for taking us with you on this wonderful adventure.

  5. Can’t wait to see the photos and hear the stories! All my best to you, Chris and Jim!

  6. Drop me a line been too long
    My fault

  7. Dear David;
    I recently reviewed your blog on your trek to Machu Picchu. Thank you for sharing. Very informative and helpful ahead of a trip for members of my family next May, 2017. Can your share more?
    If so, it seems you were please with Julian. Can you share his contact info as well as cost, if you used porters, etc.? I noted your first night’s stay at Wayllamba; what were your other camping sites? Another suggestions are appreciated.
    Cactus Shumway

    • Cactus, I have written several blog posts on the Inca Trail experience we had. Remember, this was several years back, and things change. However, the broad description of the trek and the lead-up to it might be helpful. Navigate to them from the right side bar in the blog. Now, regarding Julian, he was a fine guide and team leader….but he worked for Llama Path and that was the key to the experience. Use them, and you can’t go wrong. We arranged for a private trek, only the three of use with our guide Julian and the porters, but it was still a large team. You can also join in a larger group trek which they offer. Lots of other outfitters to choose from, but Llama Path is the best. I promise. Rainy Season is their Summer, our Winter….December, January & February. I can’t speak to the dry season when its pretty cold at the high passes on the trek. Personally, as a “desert rat”, I liked the rain.

      Dave Etzold

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